SAM Project: Objectives, actions, lines of research


General, specific and operational objectives of the project

The general objective of the project “Environmental and Socio-economic Sustainability of Marganai Coppices” is to define support guidelines for forest planning of the area being studied, taking into account the historical background, wood production needs, socio-economic sensitivities and the multifunctionality of the forest.

The strategy to achieve this aim is based upon two different fields of research both of which will be analysed: one being the environmental sustainability aspects and the other the socio-economic impact of the forest uses on the local economy.

The project also aims to achieve two different specific objectives:

  • contribute to the definition of specific criteria for the sustainable management of the coppice woodlands in Marganai;
  • investigate the conditions of socio-economic sustainability of the management of the coppice in this area.


Other operational objectives will be:

  • analyze the impacts of holm oak woodlands coppicing on the stability of forest stands and slopes by focusing on the most relevant mechanisms that influence these phenomena;
  • point out to the stakeholders the theme of silviculture and the socio-economic implications of forest management by gathering current perceptions and historical memories.



Università di Sassari, Dipartimento di Agraria
Viale Italia 39, Sassari, Italy.

Referente del progetto:
Filippo Giadrossich


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