SAM Project: Objectives, actions, lines of research


The structure of the Project and its work packages

The project “Environmental and Socio-economic Sustainability of Marganai Coppices” consists of four different Work Packages (WP).


• WP1 - Project Management

The goal of this WP is to ensure an effective and efficient management of the project in order to achieve the expected results.


• WP2 - Communication and dissemination

The purpose of the WP2 activities is to promote the results of the project and disseminate the knowledge gained in order to convert it into operational practices.


• WP3 - Environmental sustainability

The aim of the WP3 is to evaluate the effectiveness of the holm oak root systems, the extent of erosion resulting from forest utilizations and the silvicultural practices that better reflect the context of Marganai. Forest stands will be analyzed and experimental plots will be established. Lastly, collected data will be modelled.


• WP4 - Socio-economic sustainability

The WP4 aims to analyze the sustainability of the coppice management of Marganai from the socio-economic point of view. Both the local community perception of the forest and the possible economic impact of the local firewood supply chain will be analyzed.




Università di Sassari, Dipartimento di Agraria
Viale Italia 39, Sassari, Italy.

Referente del progetto:
Filippo Giadrossich


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